The Ruthless Rain

I was wondering where were you all these days
I couldn’t find any sign of your presence here
What made you to hide behind the sun rays
You are always welcome and it’s your empire

Look at the poor faces of the wilted flowers
They have lost their beauty and the hope
By looking at the clear sky without showers
You didn’t came when they are unable to cope

The falling dry leafs left the trees go bald
How can the homeless birds build their nest
Yet you didn’t showed up when you were called
Don’t we deserve to even have you as our guest

The bees searched whole place for the honey
Everytime they returned back with empty hands
How could they feed their kids which are so tiny
Everything that’s left with us is the dusty dry lands

What are you waiting for even after hearing our sad story
Rain until the flowers shine and lands fertile
Until the bees find the honey don’t leave the territory
Please come see us often and don’t be so futile


Show me what’s in your heart

Show me now what’s in your heart

Before our love break and fall apart

I don’t know what is it to be an ideal lover

All i know is to love you now and forever

Million ways to love you 

Since the time i saw the light

Like a sunrise in your eyes

I lost track of day and night

Every moment is a surprise
I wish the time stop and stood still

Whenever you look at me for a while

Like the cloud gently kisses the hill

Though it’s short it makes me smile
You gave me wings to fly with your crush

I shall go get you the colors of the rainbow

To see the autumn blossom when you blush

You are storming my heart like a tornado

Tangled Love

If you are a cloud i will turn into a raindrop
Frozen me hard by the coldness of your touch
Take me with you round the blue sky nonstop
There isn’t any thunderstorm to stop us as such

If you are a stream i will dissolve in your force
Let’s run dancing through the rocks of the valley
Floods or droughts i shall follow you in every course
If i have to drain then i will disappear in you happily

Lovely Feeling

If the dream knows how to paint
And the smile knows how to sing
If the time stops still and restraint
Don’t you think it’s a Lovely Feeling

When the clouds touch the hill
In a pleasant winter morning
And when the breeze turns chill
Would you miss that Lovely Feeling

When the heart is filled with happiness
And the past pains are fast healing
When the love fights the loneliness
Won’t you enjoy that Lovely Feeling

A Shy Guy Love Story

Do you know that I know you
In a way river knows the water
For the days to come it will continue
I will follow you through summer & winter

I got a bursting feeling deep down my heart
It’s really trying hard to find a way out
The stage is set but I don’t know how to start
All those words are glued in my note

I forget everything when i look at your eyes
Words that I want to shout turns out to be a mumble
I can’t believe it’s a year already ? How time flies
U can’t afford to lose you as my heart will crumble

I know I’m pushing it late
To simply ask you for a date
Please don’t ask me why
It’s just that I’m little shy

Let’s keep our Love alive

It’s been a while since I saw you last time
And I’m trying to forget you in many ways
But i end up remembering you every time
Wish you are here with me like old good days

Your memories never let me feel alone
They make me laugh and cry now and then
It’s been so hard for me to live on my own
Give me a chance to be with you again

You know right now I’m in a kind of sad zone
I don’t know why but I’m loving this pain
How can someone we love becomes an unknown
Forgive and drench me again in your love rain