Enough is Enough .. Stop Sexual Harassment Against Women

Be it home or be it office

It’s there everywhere

We aren’t safe i promise

It’s almost a daily affair


Don’t you dare to talk about my attire

Who the hell are you to decide what should I wear

It has nothing to do with your wrong desire

Whatever be the dress you maniacs will stand and stare


For us everyday pose a safety threat

we always wish today shouldn’t be our turn

Everywhere there is a hiding culprit

That’s why our families are tensed till we return


They aren’t sparing even an innocent child

Women is a mere pleasure object in their purview

We are being chased like an animal in the wild

We are scared to walk alone as if there is a curfew


These barbarian acts can’t halt our confidence

We will continue to fight this ruckus

We are tired of their impudence

Our life is at stake right from the stage of foetus


Yes we are speaking about the sexual harassment

We are not so different from your mother or sister

For being born as a women, is this a punishment

It’s high time to regain your lost manners mister


Can’t a girl live freely in a male dominant society

We are just trying to stand on our own feet

Harassment and inequality are our inherited property

We too have emotions and we aren’t a pouch of meat


© Pavan Medheramitla.

Orphans .. The God kids

We are the orphan kiddies
Abandoned by unknown father and mother
Loneliness and solitude are our buddies
our lives are hard and there is no one to bother


When we see kids with their family
Our little hearts shrinks with pain
We too want to live like them happily
But our life’s are inevitably plain


We really don’t know whom to urge
when our eyes crave for a candy
our dreams and reality are hard to converge
Tears are the only ones that comes in handy


Did you noticed our teared stinking clothes
never mind in fact there is no one to care
Be it smile for happiness or cry for sadness
we don’t have any near or dear to share


We are in a open relationship with society
though we are deprived we have a hope to revive
with heart filled with loads of anxiety
we stare at the door for someone to arrive


Why don’t you stop by if you have free time
Don’t you like listening to our sad stories
See who’s paying for who’s crime
Our cursed lives are tangled with miseries


The Confession of a Desert Flower

My floral clusters weathered away in dessert
When it’s clear that there is no traces of water
When the breeze turns hot and filled with dirt
All my hopes about my survival started to shatter


Due to extreme heat my head started to wilt
I can see the remains of a lizard turning into dust
The sun struck the plants and they began to melt
Sky stood clear bursting the bubble of trust


Death is nearing me without any delay
I couldn’t even cry as my tears were drained
Sure like others i too will eventually decay
I want to confess before my life gets ruined


I don’t want to die to help a guy to express his love
I don’t want to die to become a perfume for a impure soul
Rather i wouldn’t bother to die for this desert hefty shove
All these will mark my soul with a black mole


I have one strong wish about my death
I want to become a beautiful garland
After i die in peace till the last breathe
By the side of a martyr who died for my land


© Pavan Medheramitla

The Bright Night

Look at the shining stars through the window

Don’t they look like happy and bright

A world of beauty hiding in the night

Let’s setup a campfire in the meadow


Don’t get fooled hearing to the howl

It’s coming from the tree hosting the Owl

It’s fun to see the blind rallies of the bat

Let’s  eavesdrop the cute parrots chitchat

jungle night 2

Let’s go steal the honey from the bee nest

That’s very delicious and the purest

This night is alive behind the darkness

From dusk to dawn everything is precious

jungle night 4

We got a good friend in every tree

Come with us your fear will flee

jungle night1

The Hunt for the Greatest Gift

On a beautiful evening

I got a thought of gifting

You a very precious thing

You are the best of God’s whole creation

I really want to thank him on this occasion

By converting my dreams into wings

I created a one of its kind a fairy flight

Then i took off with a quick swing

And I entered the space by the mid night


I thought of plucking the stars from the stratosphere

But the sky will be empty with the lonely moon

Even i wanted to grab the clouds from the atmosphere

But who will protect you from the heat in the noon

stars and moon

How about collecting all the pearls from the ocean

No definitely they will fade away while you grin

I thought about finding the best beauty lotion

Hell no, even if angels compete you will win

pearl ocean

I couldn’t find a apt gift for you in the entire universe

But there isn’t even one thing which is very grand

All my initial levels of hopes began to reverse

And i returned back to you with empty hand


I wish you don’t doubt about my honest effort

I would had found the gift if I’m really smart

There isn’t any need to go to space or desert

Now i found the greatest gift and it’s my Heart

My love, my heart is all yours

heart gift

I See You

I See You

In the darkest hour of the day
Through the layers of the blackness
As your eyes sparkle like a marble

I See You

Beneath the corner of my vivid thoughts
As i walk between the walls of memories
Through the circles of those windows

I See You

In the warm air filled in my lungs
Helping the heart to call you louder
In that racing red blood through the veins

I See You

As long as the sea is salty
And the earth has gravity
And the sky is a blue city

I Just See You

The Morning Raga

It’s bright and shining
As the birds are singing
The sun rays are descending
To wish you a sweet morning

The light through the dense fog
Is the best in nature’s catalog
It’s a good time for a early jog
Don’t get tripped over a fallen log

Uncover the blanket to witness this beauty
The bird singing morning raga is such a cutie
It’s a good morning and wake up my sweetie
Grab your mobile and just take a selfie